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The investment and road haulage markets - Finance and Transports) represent areas of the economy characterised by capital contributions. On the legislative side, both markets are strictly regulated, according to national and european community laws, overseeing the competition and the prevention of the commission of possible abuses.
The purpose of this web-site is to contribute to the correct and precise application of said regulations, in order to ensure the efficient operation of these markets and to ensure the observance of the guarantees which are available to the submitted subjects.

These principles, which often are de facto not applied by some Italian courts nor by the most widely published writers, are those followed by the authors of this site. In doing so, the authors of this site take into consideration the legal technicalities, as well as practical points of view, independently from the party they assist during their routine work.
The site is therefore open to the contribution of those subjects, transport operators, investors, investment advisors and lawyers intending to apply the rules regulating said markets, according to the intentions of the legislator and in the interests of Justice, economic efficiency and best practice.

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